Senate approves driver’s card bill

By Daily Digger
Oregon Association of Nurseries

As expected by most observers, the Oregon Senate today approved Senate Bill 833, the driver’s card bill. The legislation will allow undocumented residents and others without proof of legal residency to obtain driver privileges in the form of a four-year driver’s card, provided they can prove their identity and pass the requisite tests.

Only brief testimony was heard prior to the vote. “We’re talking about a card, a card which is proof that someone knows the driving laws of the state and has demonstrated the ability to drive,” Sen. Lee Beyer (D-Springfield) said. “And perhaps more importantly, it ensures they have insurance. The bill that was passed previously didn’t really take anybody off the road; it just put more uninsured drivers on the road.”

The Oregon Association of Nurseries has made the bill its top legislative priority this session, and is joined in support by numerous other organizations and individuals representing business, labor, cultural groups, law enforcement and the faith community. All the bill awaits now is House consideration on Friday and, with passage, the governor’s signature.

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