Farmers fume over endangered bladderpod

bladderpod2OPB is reporting about a farmer led-coalition fighting the EPA designating the White Bluffs bladderpod as requiring endangered species protection.

A group of farmers in southeast Washington is trying to stop the federal government from giving endangered species protection to a rare plant. It’s called the White Bluffs bladderpod. And it grows on a narrow ribbon of federal land and farms.A farmer group is using genetic tests to claim that the plant is not as rare as it seems.The farmers hired an agronomist to sample three plants found along the bluffs of southeast Washington.

They also hired a scientist from the University of Idaho to genetically compare those samples to a handful of plant material gathered throughout the Columbia Basin.The farm group said the results show this bladderpod is the same one that grows in many other areas of the West, not the narrow slice federal scientists have claimed.

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