Fishing bill heads to Governor

kennemer-billBy State Representative Bill Kennemer;

A bill aimed at enhancing fisheries and strengthening a lower Columbia River Fish Management and Reform plan is on its way to becoming law.

Among other things, Senate Bill 830 repeals a current statutory constraint on commercial fishing gear in the Columbia. It also protects Indian tribal fishing rights and conservation, and was supported by a wide variety of groups.

Rep. Bill Kennemer (R-Canby) led the debate on the House Floor and was among those voting to support the bill.

“Sports fishing groups have been working hard for 27 years to moderate gillnets and fisheries’ damage.” Rep. Kennemer said. “Today, we made a huge step in better managing gillnets on the Columbia, the last Oregon river to have them.”

SB 830 passed the Senate on Sunday, July 7 and passed the House today on a bipartisan 41-18 vote and now heads to Governor Kitzhaber’s desk for his signature.

“After damaging our salmon and sturgeon runs for decades with gillnets, we finally have the tools to bring solid management and enhancement of our Columbia fisheries,” Rep. Kennemer said. “Hopefully, in a few years with the help of SB 830, the salmon and sturgeon fisheries will be back strong again.”

Dan Grogan, owner of Fisherman’s Marine and Outdoor, was among those applauding the passage of SB 830.

“We thank Rep. Kennemer for never wavering in his effort to grow sportfishing jobs in Oregon and provide better protections for salmon, steelhead and sturgeon,” said Dan Grogan. “SB830 ushers in a new era of economic opportunity throughout urban and rural Oregon for both sport and commercial communities.”

Click here to view a video of Rep. Kennemer’s remarks about SB 830 on the House floor.

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