Sugar lobby secret cover exposed

Creative naming practices have been an essential tool for many in the marketing field for centuries. The practice of carefully selecting a name that will appeal to consumers has become an art form that heaps lucrative rewards on those truly skilled in this craft. While exaggeration may play a key role (who wants to buy from the company named “second best widgets), blatant deception often irks the public when the word gets out about what really is in a name.

Consider Breitbart a whistleblower in the public health battles over the dietary differences between sweeteners then. August 1, the online news source offered a scathing story blowing the sugar lobby’s cover – specifically their pseudonym “Citizens for Health.”

Cloaked in the disguise of a grassroots consumer movement aimed at improving public health, the sugar lobby has waged a war of deception on high fructose corn syrup. Issuing press releases and conducting a suspiciously professional public relations assault on HFCS, the front for sugar-backed interests fought a strategic campaign to confuse consumers and influence public sentiment.

The most effective tactic? Their name. Anyone reading information released by a group that sounded as if it promoted sugar would automatically view that story with a well-deserved dose of skepticism. By creating the illusion of a source interested only in what is actually best for consumers, they filched the credibility necessary to gain unquestioning acceptance of their pro-sugar propaganda.

What’s the best way to let the sugar-pushers know that consumers see through their self-serving scam?

Enjoy your food free from fear. Buy whatever products you personally see as the best option for your family and feel no shame. The truth – that sugar is the same from a health perspective whether made from corn, cane or beet – does set you free from their bitter war.

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