DeFazio, Walden & Schrader on Obama O&C veto threat

Defazio, Walden & Schrader on Obama O&C veto threat
Natural Resource News Note:

The White House announced this week a veto threat of the pending O&C timber bill that is expected soon.  Below are three statements from three Oregon Congressmen working together to pass county help in Oregon.

Congressman Peter DeFazio Statement:

“I have negotiated in good faith, from the minority, the best possible O & C solution that can pass the Republican-controlled House. My goal is to move this bipartisan O & C solution forward to the Senate where I expect Chairman Ron Wyden will make changes so the bill can pass the Democratically controlled Senate and be signed by the president,”

Congressman Greg Walden quote in The Oregonian

“Disappointing.They’re living in the ’90s. They don’t realize what’s happened in the West…You’ve got counties literally going broke…and you’ve got these raging fires.

Kurt Schrader’s Chief of Staff statement:

“We realize this bill isn’t perfect. But we also know how crucial it is for our counties back home. Our goal is to get this thing to conference and work with Sen. Wyden to find a solution.”

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