Oregon’s famous wolf retiring?

wolf-or10Roaming Wolf Settling Down?
Natural Resource News Note:

The gray wolf, dubbed “OR-7” by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, may have finally chosen a home. His travels have been tracked thanks to a GPS collar. In September, 2011 he left the Imnaha pack in Northeast Oregon and crossed the Cascades to become the first confirmed wolf sighted west of the mountains since 1937. OR-7 has wandered thousands of miles, from eastern Oregon to Southern Oregon to Northern California, becoming the first confirmed wolf in that state since 1924. He returned to Oregon in March and spent the summer of 2013 in Southeast Jackson County and Southwest Klamath County.

There are 47 wolves in Oregon, but OR-7 is the only one outside of the northeastern part of the state. He has not been associated with any livestock kills in Oregon or California. Wildlife officials believe the 3-1/2-year-old animal may be searching for a mate.

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