Good-bad Ag bills of 2014 Legislature

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OFB Legislative Bill Update

The list below represents the bills still alive that Oregon Farm Bureau is monitoring.


HB 4093:
Creates public record exemption for written agreements relating to conservation of wild birds entered into voluntarily by owners or occupiers of land with soil and water conservation district.

STATUS: Alive; scheduled for a work session in the Senate Committee on General Government, Consumer and Small Business Protection.

SB 1513: A cost assistance program for reforestation of small woodlands after catastrophic loss from fire. Establishes Catastrophic Fire Reforestation Assistance Fund.

STATUS: Alive; in the Joint Ways and Means Committee.

SB 1531: The passage of SB 863 (Seed Preemption) during the 2013 Special Session impacted local governments from regulating marijuana dispensaries. SB 863 prohibited local governments from regulating agricultural seed and nursery stock production. The definition of nursery stock includes botanical plants, which marijuana is classified as.

STATUS: Alive; scheduled for public hearing and possible work session in the House Judiciary Committee.

SB 1541: Reinstates the tax credit on crop donations with an increased percentage of the wholesale value from 10% to 15%.

STATUS: Alive; in the House Revenue Committee.


HB 4078: Validates urban growth boundary adopted by Metro and acknowledged by Land Conservation and Development Commission as acknowledged urban growth boundary of Metro.

STATUS: Alive; this bill was moved to the Rules Committee, where Farm Bureau is engaged in a potential compromise solution.

HB 4100: Refers a mandatory GMO labeling initiative to the voters for the November 2014 election. GMO Free Oregon has filed three different initiative petitions with the Secretary State Office. This legislation would give them a free pass from having to collect the signatures required by July.

STATUS: Alive; in the House Rules Committee.

HB 4101: Imposes severance tax on harvesting timber with the imposed tax being $15 per thousand feet. These funds go to the tax credit for milling of logs and distribution to counties.

STATUS: Alive; sitting in House Revenue Committee with no action. OFB does not anticipate this bill moving.

HB 4141: This measures lifts a number of property tax exemptions that are used by the agriculture industry for the purpose of raising revenue for local school districts. OFB has discussed this concept with the bills sponsor (Rep Unger) and he has indicated that he is drafting amendments that would remove the AG exemptions.

STATUS: Alive; sitting in House Revenue Committee with no action. OFB does not anticipate this bill moving.

HB 4143: This bill would fundamentally change how class action settlements and judgments would be determined in Oregon. The bill repeals longstanding laws for class action lawsuits by allowing the courts to impose monetary judgments without identifying specific members of the class that are awarded compensation for damages incurred. Furthermore, unclaimed damages would be deposited into Legal Aid, thus increasing the likelihood that plaintiffs’ lawyers will have an incentive to file more class action lawsuits.

STATUS: Alive; this bill is scheduled for a work session in Senate Judiciary Committee.

HB 4139: Requires pesticides containing one or more of four active ingredients (all four are neonicotinoids) be designated restricted use therefore requiring a pesticide applicators license. This would be the first time Oregon’s Legislature restricted the use of a chemical instead of relying on the expertise at EPA and ODA. This is an uneasy precedent for pesticide registrations. Also, these are chemicals commonly used in nursery operations, which many do not have pesticide applicator licenses. OFB has heard that this bill will be amended to be a work group rather than to move the neonicotinoids to restricted use. OFB will closely monitor this legislation.

STATUS: Bill was amended to direct OSU Extension to develop an educational program on pollinators for homeowners and pesticide applicators and establish a work group to discuss pollinator health. OFB is now neutral on the bill. This bill is headed to the Senate floor for its final vote.

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