Farm coaliton releases pro 15-119 ad

From Family Farms Coalition
Our Family Farms Coalition Asks You to Vote YES on 15-119


THE FAMILY FARMS MEASURE PROTECTS FAMILY FARMERS from the serious risk that their crops will be contaminated by genetically engineered crops that are patented and controlled by large out-of-state chemical corporations. There’s no practical way to stop genetically engineered pollen and seed from trespassing onto traditional farms that have been here for years. And when a traditional crop becomes contaminated with genetically engineered pollen, it can be impossible for the farmer to sell.

PROTECTS OUR DRINKING WATER AND KIDS Genetically engineered crops have led to an increase in overall pesticide use, by 404 million pounds from the time they were introduced in 1996 through 2011.1 These chemicals can end up in our water and our children’s bodies. This increased pesticide use has also led to the evolution of high-impact Superweeds. The measure will help prevent Superweeds from becoming a major problem in the Rogue Valley.

PROTECTS FAMILY FARMERS FROM PATENT LAWSUITS by Monsanto and the other chemical corporations. These corporations have threatened many innocent farmers with patent infringement lawsuits after their patented pollen or seed has trespassed onto family farmers’ property.

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