Farmer ad against Jackson Co. Measure 15-119

From No on Measure 15-119,

Big news: we’re releasing our first TV ad today and we wanted you to be the first to see it.

The ad highlights a new county report which details the cost of Measure 15-119 to local taxpayers and the county government of administering and enforcing the proposed measure. The report concludes it will cost Jackson County more than $200,000 each year just to fund the implementation of the complex measure, including the cost of hiring new government inspectors to police farmers, access property and confiscate crops.

Watch our ad today:

Given Jackson County’s already bad budget situation, funding for Measure 15-119 would have to come from existing services like law enforcement, libraries or social services – or require a tax increase.

Jackson County needs to protect funding for the services we use and need, not divert funds to pay for new crop cops to police law-abiding farmers. This measure costs too much, invites frivolous lawsuits against local farmers and empowers government officials to access and inspect private property.

Recently, our opponents have said measure 15-119 “won’t cost a dime” to administer — which is false. They say the measure should be enforced by private citizen-action — which is troubling.

Unlike our opponents we can’t ignore Measure 15-119’s price tag, nor do we want to ask private citizens to engage in vigilante justice to enforce a ban that Jackson County can’t afford.

Watch our TV ad today:

Thanks for all you do,

Paulette Pyle
Grassroots Director, Oregonians for Food and Shelter

Barry Bushue
President, Oregon Farm Bureau

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