Anger over government survey of GMO ballot measure

Natural Resource News Note:

The state’s most watched ballot measure is the center of a controversy over a state survey. The Secretary of State mailed 24,000 voters in Jackson County questions over the GMO ballot measure 15-119 and also 15-121. Here is the Medford Mail Tribune reporting

“The timing of this ‘voter survey’ just days before an election is outrageous, confusing and unnecessary,” Good Neighbor Farmers, a political action committee opposed to Measure 15-119, said in a release.The survey is a research follow-up to a Citizens’ Initiative Review of Measure 15-119 conducted in April. The survey asks voters whether they agree with statements ranging from “We should embrace the use of genetically modified foods even if they involve a small amount of scientific uncertainty” to “The prosperity of local farmers is more important than the rights of corporations to grow genetically engineered crops.”

The survey also asks residents how they planned to vote on measures 15-119 and 15-121, which would create an extension service district, whether they were aware of the Citizens’ Initiative Review and whether the CIR was helpful to them in deciding how to vote, among other questions.


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