New GMO-measure Ad about Property Rights

No On Measure 15-119

A group of major agricultural organizations representing farmers and ranchers across Oregon and in Jackson County announced their opposition to Measure 15-119, Jackson County’s proposed crop ban. The groups – the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, Oregon Farm Bureau, Oregon Seed Council, Oregon Wheat Growers League and Oregon Women for Agriculture – called on Jackson County residents to vote NO on Measure 15-119.

Casey Moore of Eagle Point – who represented the Cattlemen’s Association at yesterday’s event – said he’s concerned about the negative consequences that Measure 15-119 will have on Jackson County. In this new video, Casey says says Jackson County law enforcement should be focused on stopping criminals, not policing farmers.

We agree. Watch the video:

Bad Idea | No on Measure 15-119 from Protect Oregon Farmers on Vimeo.

Why is the crop ban such a bad idea for Jackson County? It attacks our property rights, imposes big government regulations and permits uninvited government inspectors to come to our farms and gardens to tell us what to do.

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