Ranchers fined $100,000 for cattle neglect

cattlebadColumbia County ranchers fined $100,000 for cattle neglect

Two Columbia County ranchers, William Holdner and Jane Baum, were convicted of first –degree animal neglect and fined more than $100,000. In addition, they were banned from owning livestock in the future. They could have spent a year in jail but instead were given five years’ probation. Two years ago, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon Humane Society seized 170 commercial cattle from the ranch. Veterinarians found that many of the animals were suffering from severe malnutrition and some had eye and other untreated diseases.

“This is one of the largest and most complex animal cruelty cases to be prosecuted in Oregon,” Oregon Animal Cruelty Deputy District Attorney Jake Kamins told the Oregonian. “It’s the longest trial I have had, and this verdict is very gratifying.” The Animal Legal Defense Fund ranks Oregon #2 in the nation for having strict laws protecting animals.

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