Killing this will boost timber, farming & ranching

esquivelsalRepresentative Sal Esquivel has a plan to help timber, farming, ranching and boost Oregon’s water levels by tackling the State’s Juniper problem.
By Oregon Tax News

State Representative Sal Esquivel is working to rid Oregon of the quiet destruction caused by Juniper plants. Juniper interferes with the habitat of sage-grouse which is on the verge of becoming listed on the endangered species list. From that listing comes untold restrictions on farmers and ranchers. Juniper also cuts of grass used by Mule Deer. Juniper also hinders Oregon’s agriculture water supply. A ten foot tall Juniper can consume up to 40 to 70 gallons of water a day. In the light of California’s water crisis and Oregon’s water battles, addressing this plant may be the saving grace.

There is one bill in the Legislature that would dedicate $500,000 to Juniper elimination in the State. Sal Esquivel envisions a stronger and faster effort with a $5 million state dedicated effort to removing Juniper. All of this will help provide more water while saving Oregon farmers, ranchers and timber industry from more needless regulations.

State Representative Sal Esquivel stated, “By acting on this it brings up the population of Mule Deer, Sage Grouse, helps the water level, helps the grass habitat in Eastern Oregon, allows more livestock to graze, and the Juniper wood would be used as a specialty product.”

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