18 new Ag bills surface

Oregon-Farm-BureauBy Oregon Farm Bureau

Wednesday was the deadline for members and committees to submit legislation. After Wednesday, each new bill introduced will count against the five bills that members are allotted for the remainder of the session. Because of this deadline, nearly 500 new bills were introduced this week alone, including:


SB 718 – requires employer to maintain time and pay records of a terminated employee for three years and defines wages for certain wage claims
HB 2012 – increases Oregon minimum wage in steps to $13.50 per hour by 2017
HB 3204/ HB 3205 – creates income tax credit for employers that provide paid sick leave

Carbon/ Energy

HB 3250 – requires EQC to establish a cap-and-trade program
HB 3252 – establishes carbon tax on fuel or carbon-generated electricity

Land Use

SB 716 – authorizes Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties to designate one large-lot industrial reserve each of 150 to 500 acres
SB 747/ SB 748/ SB 770/ SB 802 – allows local governments an exception to local land use goals under certain circumstances
HB 3313 – designates certain land in Clackamas County as urban reserves

Biotechnology/ GMO

HB 3121 – requires GMO labeling
HB 3122 – prohibits farming, cultivation or spawning of Atlantic salmon or GE fish
HB 3123 – prohibits the aerial application of pesticides except in emergencies


HB 3125 – adds equipment used to process grains, bakery products, milk and eggs to the list of those exempt from property taxation
HB 3144 – increases the tax credit for crop donation to the Food Bank to 25% of the wholesale price
HB 3150 – creates an income tax credit for investment in community garden or food banks


HB 3140/ HB 3188 – create predator control management district pilot to fund federal Wildlife Services
HB 3334 – requires OWEB to spend $2 million annually to protect and restore sage grouse habitat


HB 3216 – establishes a farm vehicle operator permit and associated fees
HB 3310 – requires EQC to adopt California clean diesel rules for on-road and off-road vehicles

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