Con. Schrader introduces Molalla River bill

Congressman Kurt Schrader Kurt-schrader

U.S. Congressman Kurt Schrader introduced the Molalla Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, a bill that would protect more than 21 miles of the Molalla River by designating it as “recreational” under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. The legislation, introduced at the request of the Molalla community, would bolster economic opportunities, increase recreational use and preserve the natural beauty of the Molalla River.

“The citizens of Molalla recognize that protecting our natural treasures and creating economic opportunities in the community do not have to be mutually exclusive,” said Schrader. “This legislation would ensure that generations of future Oregonians can enjoy the original character of the Molalla, by protecting the river’s water quality, while preserving its unique historic, cultural, scenic, ecological and recreational value.”

Recognition for rivers under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act has been proven to have tremendous economic, social and cultural benefits for the area surrounding the river. The designation would create a framework that brings together local, state and federal agencies, landowners and recreational users to work jointly to protect and restore the Molalla River.

Congressman Schrader has reintroduced the bill every Congress since coming to office. Representatives Blumenauer, Bonamici, and DeFazio are co-sponsors.

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