Last look at where Ag bills stand

capitol-bestBy Oregon Family Farm Association,

Session is drawing to a close, and two bills stand out that concerns farmers.

1. The first is House Bill 3125 which exempts property taxes from certain agriculture equipment. This would apply to processing equipment that handles wheat, dairy and egg products. Receiving tax relief for these farmers would be a huge help to small family farmers in Oregon.

2. The other bill is Senate Bill 920 which would handicap small family farmers from using antibiotics on their livestock. Antibiotics are important in controlling disease infections among farm animals.

Both these bills are witnessing late momentum during the final push to close the 2015 Oregon Legislative Session.

3. Oregon farmers have been concerned over the $15.00  minimum wage increase bill which has been highlighted during most of Session.   This bill has been stalled and now supporters are working on a statewide ballot measure.

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