Oregon Wolf Bill on the move

By Oregon Cattlemen’s Association

House bill 4040 was brought forward and passed. The bill proposes that the Oregon legislature support the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s decision to delist the wolf. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s decision was made in accordance with an agreement called the Oregon Wolf Plan, a plan previously approved by multiple stakeholders.

Representative Greg Barreto of Cove was the bill’s sponsor. He said the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association was influential in his decision to put the bill together. Rep. Barreto believes the bill will help to affirm the decision made by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Commission in the fall of 2015. He said the bill will “tell one group that the legislature is behind the Commission.”

Jerome Rosa, executive director for the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, expressed the association’s thoughts on the bill passing the House today. “We are grateful to see this bill continue to move forward.” He also said the group realizes there will be a challenge in getting the bill to pass the Senate. He hopes the legislators will see the important affirmation this bill will bring to a plan multiple stakeholders promised to follow.

“HB 4040 will help the Oregon Wolf Plan to continue to move forward into future phases as promised,” Rosa said. “It will solidify the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s scientific findings behind the delisting decision.”

The plan is working. Rep. Barreto sees HB 4040 as a bill that will allow the Oregon Wolf Plan to continue to progress. “It will help the (Oregon Wolf) Plan to work the way it was intended,” He said.

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By Kayli Hanley

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