Cattlemen on the lethal action on wolf pack

By Oregon Cattlemen’s Association

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife made the difficult decision to enact lethal take on the Imnaha pack after the pack committed five depredations on livestock within the month of March.

The Oregon Cattlemen’s Association is fully supportive of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s decision which was made in accordance with the Oregon Wolf Plan. The Association is also aware that this decision was difficult and not made without careful consideration of the impact of all parties involved.

In this specific case, one producer lost four yearling cattle within a month’s span. Those losses represent a reoccurring problem that needed addressed.

Todd Nash, Wolf Committee Chair for OCA, sees the takes as necessary, but also views the entire situation as undesirable.

“It’s an unfair situation for the livestock owners and the wolves themselves. Wolves are doing what they naturally do, but have been put in a situation in Oregon where they are going to be in constant conflict with livestock and hunter’s game.”

The Oregon Wolf Plan has a goal of species recovery and coexistence with other animals. Eliminating specific, problem animals so that multiple species can live together is sometimes necessary.

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By Kayli Hanley

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