Billboard: Who’s your farmer?

By Oregon Farm Bureau,


If you’re driving around Portland this summer, you may encounter one of these colorful billboards by Multnomah County Farm Bureau asking an important question: Who’s your farmer?

Many people don’t realize that 98 percent of Oregon farms and ranches are family owned and operated. Farm Bureau’s grassroots membership is comprised of 7,000 of these families actively engaged in agriculture. These are people who care deeply about the quality and safety of their products, and who are proud to share what they’ve raised with consumers.

“The purpose of the billboards is to inform the public and our urban neighbors about Farm Bureau and the farm and ranch families who are members,” said Helen Bushue of Multnomah County Farm Bureau and Bushue’s Family Farm Market in Boring. “We’re also promoting the beauty and diversity of Oregon agriculture featured in the Oregon’s Bounty website.”

Oregon’s Bounty at helps connect the public with local farmers beyond the typical farmers market. The searchable site features farms out in the country with u-pick fields, roadside stands, and on-farm festivals. Over 300 family farms and ranches are included, offering a huge variety of agricultural favorites like berries, tree fruits, vegetables, herbs, meat, eggs, cheese, wine, nuts, flowers, plants, and much more.

Visit Oregon’s Bounty with a phone, tablet, or computer to search for farms offering specific ag products like cherries, raspberries, or corn; and/or sort farms by region. Also get driving directions.

One of the farms listed is Verna Jean Nursery in Gresham. This second-generation nursery is owned by the Bailey family, featured on the billboard and members of Multnomah County Farm Bureau. The Baileys are proud to be Oregon farmers and enjoy talking to their customers about what they do on the farm and why they do it.

Find more local farmers in the Portland Metro region, and across the entire state, with Oregon’s Bounty. Visit today and discover “Who’s your farmer!”

The billboards in Portland are located at SW Park Ave. and SW Stark, NE Sandy Blvd. and NE Wasco St., and SE Morrison St. and SE 9th Ave. through August 7.

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