Coalition backs wildfire fix

Wildlife Groups Support Senate Action on Fire Borrowing, Forest Management Reformshealthy-forests-healthy-communities
By Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities,

The American Wildlife Conservation Partners, a coalition of over 30 hunting and outdoors organizations, recently sent a letter to key leaders of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. In light of the committee’s recent draft legislation, the groups urged the Senators to pass meaningful, bipartisan legislation to fix federal wildfire suppression funding and approve needed forestry reforms. Here’s an excerpt from their letter:

Our organizations are writing to you today on behalf of our millions of members who are dedicated to enhancing wildlife conservation on our nation’s public and private forest lands and to securing the future of our hunting heritage. We support the discussion draft legislation “Wildfire Budgeting, Response, and Forest Management Act Of 2016”, which addresses wildfire suppression funding and forest management enhancements. Good proactive forest management coupled with a fire-fighting funding fix is our shared goal. We urge the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to quickly advance these bipartisan forest management enhancements and a permanent fix to wildfire suppression funding.

Download the full letter here.

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