Documentary: Firefighters on Climate Change front lines

By Healthy Forest, Healthy Communities

This excellent document, from The Story Group, tells the stories of Colorado firefighters confronting the growing trend of larger and more severe wildfires. It is another reminder that we can mitigate the impacts of climate change and catestrophic wildfire through active forest management.

Unacceptable Risk – Firefighters on the Front Lines of Climate Change from The Story Group on Vimeo.

From the producers:

“On a day-to-day basis, we’re being surprised. And in this business, surprise is what kills people.” So says Don Whittemore, a career firefighter who has battled many of Colorado’s epic fires over the past two decades. The Story Group recorded the experiences of Whittemore and other firefighters who are repeatedly responding to record-breaking wildfires. Human-caused climate changes are transforming Colorado’s fire environment, bringing higher temperatures, drier fuels, and diseases to forest. These climate impacts mix with other human pressures to create a volatile situation for firefighters and communities. If current trends continue, we can expect more frequent, larger, and more devastating wildfires in Colorado and across the country.”

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