How Oregon voted on GMO Bill

ofs-foodshelterBy Oregonians for Food and Shelter

The House passed the compromise GMO food disclosure bill, that passed the Senate last week. This means that the legislation now goes to the President who is expected to sign it. More details can be found in the first story below.

Thank you to everyone who contacted their Representative and Senators urging support. Two members of Oregon’s congressional delegation, Rep. Greg Walden and Rep Kurt Schrader, supported the bill. Please reach out to both of them with a “Thank You” for supporting agriculture.

Rep. Schrader made remarks in favor of the bill which you can watch by clicking the video below.

As a reminder, the compromise bill would require GMO food disclosure, but that disclosure would be provided through digital codes, web addresses or other means instead of language appearing directly on the label. And most importantly, the bill would preempt states from enacting GMO labeling measures of their own. This means that we will no longer face the threat of local regulations on the labeling GMOs in Oregon.

While we continue to believe that GMO labeling is uneccessary, the compromise bill offers a national solution that will prevent state by state labeling laws without requiring labeling in a way that would stigmatize GMO foods.

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