Obama locks up thousands of acres of Oregon land

Oregon-Farm-BureauBy Oregon Farm Bureau,

With a simple stroke of a pen President Obama expanded the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument by just under 50,000 acres. Along with this expansion, a monument in California was expanded and three new designations were declared. Unfortunately this process was unilateral and did not get the debate it deserved in Congress. It also ignored the concerns of the natural resource community and local officials.

Just before leaving office the monument was originally designated by President Bill Clinton.

The monument, which was 65,000 acres, will now be more than 100,000 and have rippling effects on the economy and impact on farmers and ranchers to continue to produce food and fiber.

This has been a long and hard fought battle for the natural resources industry and unfortunately is not over yet. There are still 8 days left for another 2 million acres to be designated in far Eastern Oregon. If you haven’t already done so, please visit Our Land Our Voice and sign the petition to help prevent another tragedy from occurring.

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