Small business needs Clatsop to remain in timber lawsuit

Oregon Small Business fins Linn County timber lawsuit vital to community
By Oregon Small Business Association

Clatsop County has every reason to remain a class member in Linn County’s Class Action lawsuit against the state. The state is contractually obligated to manage state forests and return revenues to the counties, but they’re not doing that and as a result the counties are not getting the benefit of their bargain and rural communities are paying the price. As representatives of the small businesses community burdened by tax increases, surcharges and fees, we strongly urge our elected officials not to walk away from potentially hundreds of millions of dollars that could prevent future tax increases to fund critical services like education, public safety, and family services in rural Oregon.   This Linn County lawsuit is very important to small business and our local community.

A decision to opt-out of the Linn County lawsuit is in direct conflict with the county’s fiduciary duties to the taxpayer, and throws significant doubt on any future support by voters of county tax proposals. There is nothing to gain by opting out of the lawsuit, but doing so both exempts Clatsop County from a portion of any award should Linn County prevail in court, and eliminates the county’s voice in possible settlement discussions. Remaining in the lawsuit is the only course of action we see as responsible to the taxpayer and small business.

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