Environmentalists disrupting public meetings. Police called.

Anti-aerial spray proponents increasingly are disrupting Lane County Public Meetings

By Oregonians For Food and Shelter,

In the aftermath of the court ruling that the aerial spray ban measure will not appear on the May ballot, members of the local Community Rights Lane County group have now turned their efforts to pressuring the Lane County Commission to take-up the issue though a work group. They are also pushing the county commission to refer the issue directly to voters.

They have been showing up each week at the county commission meetings and are becoming more and more disruptive. This last week, after an hour long public comment period and the commissioner’s response, they began chanting, this became so disruptive the police cleared the room and the commissioners moved to a small conference room for the remainder of their meeting.

This lack of civility is extremely disconcerting. It’s even more troubling that there have been a series threats against the commissioners and staff over this issue.

With political disagreement at a fevered pitch in our nation right now, it’s more important than ever to remember the art of disagreeing without being disagreeable. While it’s appropriate to challenge ideas from our public officials, they should not have to face the intimidation that the Lane County commissioners are currently facing.

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