Wildfire poster campaign thanks those who risk their lives

By Oregon Forests Forever

As you know, it’s been a long hot summer in Oregon and one that has been particularly bad for forest fires. Thankfully, more than 6,000 brave wildland firefighters have stepped up to protect our forests and communities.

Many of you have shared your gratitude on Oregon Forest Forever’s Facebook page:

Donna Laupert Leavy said, “My heart goes out to them every day. They are the bravest of the brave. THANK YOU!”

“They are true heroes. Thank you so much,” added Gerri Clark

From Jennifer Green, “What you guys do is amazing. God bless you for keeping us safe.”

You can thank the firefighting community, too. Download the poster to thank firefighters here.


It’s worth noting that around 80% percent of the nearly 800,000 acres burned in Oregon this summer were on federal lands as opposed to private lands. That’s a shame because Oregonians love our forests and we know how to best manage them.

Today, let’s stand together for our forests, for our communities and for the firefighters who risked their lives.

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