Farm Bureau: Capitol Update

Oregon Farm Bureau,

The version HB 2007-B was the result of a bipartisan effort that recognized the unique needs of Oregon’s farmers and ranchers, families who often own a lot of diesel-fueled equipment. The new law provides exemptions for “farm-plated” trucks, log trucks, low-mileage-use equipment, and small fleets. This is great news for our state’s agriculture community, saving these rural Oregonians from the enormous costs that would’ve come from a California diesel mandate.

The defeat of HB 2020 was a major victory for farmers, ranchers, foresters, and rural Oregonians. The bill would’ve increased the cost of fuel, diesel, and natural gas to levels unsustainable for these families and businesses, while having no impact on global climate change. Oregon’s agricultural and forestry lands are a net-positive to both our state’s carbon footprint and our economy. Oregon Farm Bureau looks forward to ongoing collaborative efforts to promote sustainable production of our state’s natural resources.

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