Women make up 39% of farmers

Oregon Family Farm Association

We are highlighting the remarkable women and organizations who are creating a positive future for Oregon agriculture. In 2019, Oregon Women for Agriculture celebrates their 50th anniversary, while Oregon Dairy Women celebrates 60 years. In addition, Oregon Cattle Women turns 66.

According to the Oregon Farm Bureau (OFB, www.OregonFB.org), the number of female principle operators in farming increased 21 percent nationwide. Here in Oregon, female farmers and ranchers are involved in raising each of Oregon’s 220 agricultural commodities. OFB’s board of directors includes seven women, two of whom serve as county Farm Bureau presidents.

The USDA state-by-state numbers from a 2014 survey shows Oregon has more women involved in farming than the national average – nearly 40 percent of Oregon’s farmers are women farming more than seven million acres of land. In 2019, a new Farm Bureau Women in Ag Survey is underway. Women can take the 2019 Women in Ag Survey at FB.org/Women. New programs promoting agricultural women in leadership are growing. Find out more about the Farm Bureau’s “Women in Leadership” Program at FB.org/programs. Oregon’s numbers, according to the USDA

Women in Agriculture

of All Farmers Are Women

Million Acres Farmed

Million in Impact

Learn more when you search “Women in Agriculture” at www.USDA.gov

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