37 active fires. 3 died. 500,000 evacuated. More…

10 Oregon Wildfire Key Facts as of 9/10/20
By Taxpayer Foundation of Oregon

– Oregon has never had this much uncontained wildfire burning at once.

– In just the past week, about 900,000 acres have burned which is equal to double the typical yearly area burned.

– As of Thursday afternoon, about 500,000 Oregonians have been forced to evacuate their homes.

– At least 3 people have died.

– There are 37 active fires in Oregon as of Thursday night.

– 638 homes have been destroyed.

– 823 other buildings have been damaged beyond repair.

– Currently there are 3,000 firefighters battling Oregon’s wildfires.

– Officials estimate it will take 6,000 firefighters to bring the fires under control.

– This year In Oregon’s forests there have been 637 human caused fires and 150 lightning caused fires. (Source: Oregon Department of Forestry)



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