More mystery mutilated cattle strike NW

By Oregon Family Farm Association,

For several years, ranchers in Eastern Oregon have found bulls and cows killed and mutilated—all without leaving any pools of blood—and the culprits and reasons behind the slayings have them baffled.

In late February, a Bear Valley rancher found a bull slaughtered and its testicles, scrotum, tongue, and lips removed, according to Steven Mitchell, editor of the Blue Mountain Eagle. The cause of the animal’s death remains a mystery. The rancher, Mat Carter, said he saw no signs of tracks, vultures, coyotes, or other predators, the Bend Bulletin reported.

Since the 1970s, the United States has seen thousands of cattle killed and mutilated in remote regions without any explanation and no sign of footprints, fingerprints, or tire tracks, according to the FBI. Five bulls were found dead in Eastern Oregon in the fall of 2019, according to NBC News. Both Wheeler and Harney counties have reported cattle killings and mutilations.

Some people suspect aliens capture, kill, and mutilate the cattle in a spaceship before dumping their carcasses back onto the ground, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting. Others say cults are the culprits.  NW Boraodcasting also ran this video story in 2019.

photo: NW Public Broadcasting

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