Farm Bill Priorities Issued by Wheat Growers

By Oregon Wheat Growers League

June 30, 2022- As Congress prepares for the next Farm Bill, the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) shared their 2023 Farm Bill priorities. The Oregon Wheat Growers League (OWGL) expresses appreciation for the national wheat priorities and the active engagement throughout the process to establish priorities that reflect our needs and provide an opportunity for advocacy with our Members of Congress. OWGL supports members throughout the state who depend on the Farm Bill programs to manage risk and provide a safety net for producers, ensure market access overseas, and offer incentives for conservation.

OWGL President Ben Maney stated that “The NAWG priorities closely align with Oregon wheat priorities to advocate for the needs of our producers.” As lawmakers continue to review the 2018 Farm Bill and start crafting the next Farm Bill, wheat growers will be advocating for these priorities with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to develop programs that will help wheat growers manage risk, ensure conservation programs work on the farm and enhance U.S. trade that supports rural America. The priorities include:

Protecting crop insurance, to ensure growers have a strong and reliable safety net that provides assistance to wheat growers when needed in times of disaster.
Supporting the financial and technical assistance provided through voluntary conservation programs.
Increasing the reference price for wheat in Title I to cover the cost of production more accurately.
Enhancing USDA’s market access and development programs to enhance trade.

Continued funding for these programs in the upcoming Farm Bill is critical to maintaining the production of vital food crops, the productivity of our farmlands, and the continued flow of jobs, investment and tax revenues from our operations and supply chains. “From risk protection through crop insurance to enhancing market access, the Farm Bill provides essential support to wheat producers in Oregon,” stated Oregon Wheat Growers League President Ben Maney. “We are looking forward to working with our legislators on these priorities for the upcoming Farm Bill.”

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