Oregon DEQ’s groundwater plan

DEQ has put together a legislative concept on groundwater as part of their agency request budget for 2023. The concept as currently drafted calls for a third-party review of the agency’s groundwater management program, and a task force to help implement review recommendations. OFS has joined with several partners to push the agency for more meaningful investments in the program now rather than later, including additional staff, expanded monitoring, and better coordination across agencies and within communities.
DEQ is also beginning to outline a “nutrient strategy,” they say in response to this April 2022 memo from EPA. DEQ will be applying for grant funding that would pay a consultant to look across their water quality programs and develop a strategic approach to reducing nutrient pollution. This could include permitting as well as water quality standards such as TMDLs for nutrients. Their goal is to be more forward-looking than this 2014 attempt to outline a nutrient management program. OFS will remain engaged as this conversation unfolds.

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