Ag update of Legislative Week

By Oregonians for Food and Shelter,

Legislative Update: OFS will be tuning in to Legislative Days, September 21st – 23rd. September 23rd is also the deadline for legislators to request bills for drafting by Legislative Counsel.

Specific Committee meeting times and agendas can be found here. Note, all meetings continue to be conducted remotely, you can find the links to the livestream at the bottom of each meeting’s agenda.

Legislative Committees will be discussing several items of interest to OFS members – here are a few highlights. On Wednesday afternoon, the House Interim Committee on Agriculture, Land Use, and Water will have informational meetings on the Lower Umatilla Groundwater Management Program and Port of Morrow, Managing PFAS (Per- and Poly-Fluorinated Alkyl Substances) in Oregon, and an update from the Oregon Invasive Species Council. Thursday morning, the Senate Interim Committee on Energy and Environment has an informational meeting focused on renewable fuels from Oregon’s forests, while the Senate Interim Committee on Natural Resources and Wildfire Recovery hears a Wildfire Programs Update followed by the Poultry CAFO Workgroup Update. Look for a Legislative Days recap next week!

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