9 bipartisan lawmakers, send Letter to Kotek on alternative land options to farmland

Representative Anna Scharf, 19 Bipartisan Legislators, Send Letter to Governor Kotek Highlighting Alternative Land Options to Farmland
Letter Comes in Response to The Semiconductor Bill – Senate Bill 4
By Oregon State Representative Anna Scharf,

 SALEM, OR – Today, Representative Anna Scharf (R-Amity) and 19 legislators from both sides of the aisle sent a letter to Governor Kotek requesting her consideration of private, member only golf courses as available land before taking farmland out of production.

Senate Bill 4, the Semiconductor Bill, passed out of the House on Thursday, April 6th and was signed by Governor Kotek this afternoon. During debate on the House floor, several members raised concerns about Section 10 of the legislation which provides the Governor broad authority over its implementation.

“We raised concern that farmland has inadequate protections in the bill – frequently reminding our colleagues that once farmland is paved over, it is lost forever. We challenged the mindset that farmland is the only available option for the land needed in Senate Bill 4,” wrote the lawmakers.

In the letter, the lawmakers proposed two alternative suggestions to farmland, including Pumpkin Ridge Golf Course in North Plains and Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club in Aloha.

“If we are going to look at open spaces and available land for semiconductors, we believe we should consider all open spaces – not just farmland,” wrote the lawmakers. “Large, open fields in the Willamette Valley are not purposeless. These fields are feeding our families, Oregonians, and the world. A member only golf course does not.”

Click here to read the final letter and the full list of legislators in support.

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