Rep. Javadi: On the forest crisis

By Oregon State Representative Cyrus Javadi,

I finally received a response from Governor Kotek regarding my March 7th letter regarding the devastating impacts of the Oregon Department of Forestry’s (ODF) Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP). Her response was less than I had hoped for. In essence, the Governor acknowledged that this plan would cut local services significantly, but her solution seemed to be state welfare for the North Coast. She called the North Coast’s self-reliance on timber an “outdated funding model.” I’m afraid I have to disagree. Timber is one of Oregon’s greatest renewable resources and should remain a viable economic driver for our region.

I hope there is still time for the ODF to revise the implementation before the September deadline.

These bills would have the effect of making homelessness a permanent crisis in Oregon. HB 3501 would allow tent cities nearly everywhere, and SB 603 would give homeless individuals $1,000 per month. BOTH of these bills are dead because we have already passed the deadline for bills to be passed out of their first committee, so they are unlikely to move forward. However, HB 3501 was scheduled for a public hearing this upcoming Thursday at 8 AM, likely as a courtesy to the sponsors. Regardless, register to testify on the bill

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