PacifiCorp has agreed to pay $299 million

By Oregon Small Business Association Foundation,

PacifiCorp has agreed to pay $299 million to settle lawsuits stemming from the Labor Day 2020 Archie Creek fire in Douglas County, according to the Portland Business Journal. The 463 plaintiffs blamed Oregon’s second-largest utility for the fire. Lawsuits from property owners and residents throughout the state contend PacifiCorp ignored warnings and failed to shut off power to 600,000 customers during a windstorm, sparking five large wildfires that swept across 850,000 acres, destroyed more than 4,000 homes, and killed 11 people. While announcing the settlement, PacifiCorp promised to appeal a June jury verdict stemming from the Santiam and other fires and sought to limit its liability in future wildfires, noting that one company or industry can’t be blamed for growing threats of wildfires. However, utility officials also said PacifiCorp is committed to settling reasonable claims for actual damages.

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