Joining the Modern Ag Alliance

By Oregonians for Food and Shelter,

OFS is proud to support the Modern Ag Alliance, a diverse group of over 60 agricultural groups across the U.S., led by Bayer, pushing for science and uniformity in the regulation of crop protection tools.


The group is focused on legislative solutions that ensure consistency in labeling and the continued availability of innovations to support food and fiber production. Specifically, the group aims to ensure that EPA’s health and safety determinations, as applied through the pesticide registration and labeling process, are sufficient to satisfy any state requirements for health and safety warnings.


The effort stems from state labeling actions on products such as glyphosate, which have been inconsistent with federal laws and conflict with the scientific findings of the EPA. This has fueled a multi-billion dollar litigation industry, and has diverted billions of dollars away from investments in new innovations for producers.


When it comes to safety, glyphosate is one of the most extensively evaluated crop protection products on the market. After five decades of research and assessment, the overwhelming conclusion of experts worldwide, including the EPA, is unequivocal: glyphosate can be used safely when used according to label instructions. Despite the extensive science, the attacks and unfounded lawsuits continue, and the negative impacts to producers and the future of food production become more and more significant.


Producers need regulatory certainty, and they also need modern tools and innovations to ensure that they can continue to provide high quality food and fiber for the rest of us. OFS stands with the Modern Ag Alliance to Tell Policymakers: Fight Weeds, Not Farming!


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