Oregon Ag regulation update

Regulatory Updates
By Oregonians for Food and Shelter,

This week, Oregon DEQ held its second rulemaking hearing related to the implementation of the Recycling Modernization Act passed in 2021. Since the passing of that bill, OFS has been working closely with DEQ and our members to request an exemption for pesticide, fertilizer, and other agricultural chemical containers in the new program. This request is based on existing laws regarding safe disposal of products containing agricultural chemicals, alignment with an existing exemption for products used on farms, and harmonization with other state recycling programs which have exempted these products (e.g. Colorado).

OFS testified this week on behalf of our ag chemical members to again urge DEQ to grant a broad exemption for agricultural chemicals. We also share significant concerns with many of our natural resource and business partners about the ballooning cost estimates for the program, projected to be much more costly than other state programs, which would be shouldered by industry and ultimately consumers.

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