Whatever Happened to the WOPR?

Oregonians For Food and Shelter,

Do you remember OFS staff writing you about the BLM WOPR – Western Oregon Plan Revision?  We asked you to contact your Senator and Representative and also members of the Committees where House Resolution 3 and Senate Joint Resolution 24 were housed.  Our thanks to those of you who followed through and contacted the legislators.  Even though there was strong legislative support for both bills, neither one made it out of Committee.

SJR-24 sponsored by Senator Brian Boquist was assigned to the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee, where it died.  Senator Jackie Dingfelder is the Chairman of this committee.

HR-3 sponsored by Representative Sherrie Sprenger, was referred to House Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Communities Committee.  Representative Brian Clem is the Chairman of this committee.

On April 29th, a motion by the House Republicans was made to withdraw the resolution from committee and bring it to the floor for a vote.  The motion failed on a 29-28 vote.  All 24 R’s and 5 D’s – Representatives Schaufler, Clem, Roblan, Barton and Stiegler voted “aye”; while 28 D’s voted “no”.  Three D’s missed the vote.  Representatives Cannon, VanOrman and Buckley were excused from the vote.

Three D’s who co-sponsored HR 3 voted “no” — Speaker Dave Hunt, and Representatives Greg Matthews and Deborah Boone. What’s up with that?  Who would believe the empty promises by the Governor?  Quite frankly, his letter is not worth the paper it’s written on.

Click here to see the Governor’s correspondence with the Department of the Interior on the WOPR.