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A look at Oregon’s record breaking crop years

November 30, 2016 --

By Oregon Family Farm Association

The Oregon Department of Agriculture  released an analysis of Oregon’s agricultural production from data gathered since the 1860s. The analysis charts Oregon’s development into one of the country’s most agriculturally rich and diverse states—one that, if history is any guide, will continue to evolve and grow as challenges and opportunities force change and adaptation.


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Asian gypsy moth efforts produce big decline

November 28, 2016 --

agm-spray-4-25-16-helicopter-2By Oregon Department of Agriculture,

After checking approximately 19,000 traps statewide, and about 3,000 specifically in the north Portland area, the Oregon Department of Agriculture is happy to report no detections of Asian gypsy moth following an 8,800 acre eradication project this spring. The good results indicate there will be no need for ODA to come back next year with additional treatment for the invasive, plant-eating pest.

“In Forest Park and the north Portland area where gypsy moths were trapped in 2015, all our traps came up empty, “ says Clint Burfitt, manager of ODA’s Insect Pest Prevention and Management Program. “We will do two more years of high density trapping in the area before we can officially declare gypsy moth eradicated, but right now, it looks like our treatments were successful.”

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5 lawmakers awarded by Nursery Assoc.


Curt Kipp
Oregon Association of Nurseries

The Oregon Association of Nurseries recently honored five Oregon legislators as “Friends of Nurseries” for 2016. The five earned the recognition for working with the nursery industry to solve issues of concern.

“The Oregon Association of Nurseries is focused on solving problems, and we work with officials on both sides of the aisle to deliver positive outcomes for the nursery industry on critical issues,” OAN Government Relations Chairman Josh Zielinski of Alpha Nursery said. “These five legislators have set an example that we hope others will emulate.”

The following legislators were recognized:

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Oregonian wins National Tree Farmer

November 23, 2016 --

trwnnrsBy Oregonians for Food and Shelter

The American Tree Farm System (ATFS) announced that the 2016 National Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year award, will go to the Defrees family of northeast Oregon. Father and son duo, Lyle and Dean Defrees, along with their family, Sharon Defrees, Dallas Hall, Riley Hall, Nathan Defrees, Jess Defrees, Tyler Defrees and Max Patashnik, have been protecting their forested land, the wildlife habitat it provides, and the water supply that runs through it, for more than 100 years.

2016 National Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year!

“We’re truly honored to be chosen as the National Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year,” said Lyle Defrees. “Our family has had a passion for our land and conservation for generations. Most everything we do is to protect our land from fire so it can continue to provide for us, the wildlife in our region, and our fellow Oregonians.”

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US Election, Brexit fuel Ag uncertainty

November 18, 2016 --

California-Farm-BureauCalifornia Farm Bureau,

Global uncertainty fueled by contentious U.S. elections, Britain’s Brexit vote and a lack of growth in national economies formed the theme for the opening talk at an annual agribusiness conference in Fresno.

Terry Barr, chief economist with CoBank—a cooperative bank that’s part of the Farm Credit System—said agriculture needs export markets, not retrenchment from trade, but that he sees nations “backtracking with regard to interdependence.”

“There is a lack of political leadership across the world, and both candidates (for U.S. president) are anti-globalization,” Barr said at the 35th Annual Agribusiness Management Conference, presented by the Fresno State University Institute for Food and Agriculture.

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Ag alert over riparian rule, stream buffers

November 16, 2016 --

Oregon-Farm-BureauBy Oregon Farm Bureau,

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) is considering new riparian rules to require additional buffering on small and medium sized Salmon, Steelhead, and/or Bull Trout (SSBT) streams located in western Oregon. The new requirements include:

– Increased no harvest buffers,
– Increased number of trees left after harvest, and
– Increased complexity to require that residual trees near streams are distributed across the length and width of the buffered area.

Farmers and foresters have the opportunity to influence some of the details of the draft rules! The threshold determining whether a landowner will get relief from the new rules and the complexity of the new rule language are two issues you can influence by participating in these public hearings.

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Housing starts down, product prices fall

November 14, 2016 --

By Rick Sohn, PhD
Umqua Coquille LLC

Housing starts are down, mortgage rates are trending up, and wood products markets are in a holding pattern caused by the elections and the trade dispute between Canada and the United States. Recent trends of lumber, logs, home construction, and housing markets, are compared to 2009 and 2005.


* A lumber board foot measures 12 inches by 12 inches by 1 inch. The log board foot is based on an industry standard pattern for sawing straight boards from round, tapered logs. The leftover wood and bark become chips and sawdust which are used for paper, fiberboard, and fuel to make electric power. In the Pacific Northwest two trucks of logs will become enough wood product to build a new home.

Interpretation and Looking Ahead.

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Trade deal during lame duck Congress?

November 11, 2016 --

Wheat-Growers-National-AssociationBy National Association of Wheat Growers

Nine months ago, following the signing of the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) and U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) called on Congress to rapidly consider and ratify the agreement. After a long and disappointing wait, a real window of opportunity for a vote on TPP will soon open when the legislative session resumes next week. We call on Congress again, to urge its leadership to allow an implementing bill to be considered as soon as possible.

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Ramifications of spotted frog settlement

November 9, 2016 --


By Oregon Farm Bureau,

OFB statement on spotted frog settlement

SALEM, OREGON, November 2, 2016: “For over 20 years, Central Oregon irrigation districts have worked closely and collaboratively with local family farmers, the Warm Springs Tribe, and other stakeholders to protect the waters of the Deschutes Basin.

The two lawsuits involving the spotted frog were baseless and without any regard to this decades-long effort to balance conservation objectives with local economic and social needs.

We support the irrigation districts and thank them for their efforts to protect local irrigators in the face of this frivolous litigation.

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WSJ Editorial on Bundy Verdict

November 7, 2016 --

Wall Street Journal Editorial

The U.S. presidential election this year has produced an “October Surprise” every few days, so why shouldn’t the rest of the country get in on the festivities. One such shocker emerged from Oregon late last week, as a federal jury failed to convict the Bundy brothers on federal conspiracy charges.

The Bundys and some companions transfixed the nation last winter after they took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon’s Harney County. Prosecutors and many other commentators thought a conviction was a “slam dunk.” It’s well known that slam dunks sometimes ricochet embarrassingly off the back rim, which is what happened here.

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