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Obama yanks underage farm labor rule

April 30, 2012 --

The Power of Grass Roots: Obama Administration Pulls Overbearing Proposed Rules on Child Labor
By Oregon Farm Bureau Federation

The US Department of Labor issued a statement withdrawing a proposed rule dealing with children who work on farms and ranches.

“This is an enormous win for family farmers and ranchers across Oregon and the nation. Our success here today is due to the hard work and dedication of thousands of Oregon farming families who submitted comments and helped to protect our way of life from misguided bureaucrats,” said Barry Bushue, Oregon Farm Bureau President.

Last year thousands of farm and ranch families submitted comments opposing proposed standards for child labor on farm and ranches. In many cases the rules would have prevented family members from working on farms in summer months.

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EPA figure has record of bashing oil & gas companies

April 29, 2012 --

By Free Enterprise,
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Region 6 EPA Administrator Al Armendariz released an apology for comparing his agency regulating oil and gas companies to Roman centurions crucifying villagers:

I apologize to those I have offended and regret my poor choice of words. It was an offensive and inaccurate way to portray our efforts to address potential violations of our nation’s environmental laws. I am and have always been committed to fair and vigorous enforcement of those laws.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said EPA doesn’t crucify oil and gas producers. “Clearly, there is not an effort of the nature that you talk about,” said Carney.

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Ocean fishing seasons set

April 28, 2012 --

By Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission set ocean fishing seasons for salmon and halibut during its meeting in Salem.

The Commission set the 2012 ocean salmon seasons for Oregon’s territorial waters that extend three miles from the state’s shoreline. They mirror the regulations adopted by the Pacific Fishery Management Council on April 6 that cover ocean waters from three to 200 miles from the state’s shore. The regulations must also be approved by the National Marine Fishery Service and the Secretary of Commerce.

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How the mad cow scare could impact our exports


The video of the week goes to CNN story on the nation’s fourth mad cow occurrence and how it could impact our exports.

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Senate panel passes 2012 Farm Bill

April 27, 2012 --

by American Farm Bureau Federation

Statement by Bob Stallman, President, American Farm Bureau Federation, Regarding Senate Agriculture Committee Passage of 2012 Farm Bill “The American Farm Bureau Federation is encouraged that the Senate Agriculture Committee approved its bipartisan farm bill and sent it forward to the full Senate for consideration. The bill is not perfect, but it is a suitable policy vehicle with solid framework on which to make further improvements. Certainly, having a bill in place this year is in the best interests of all farmers.

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Environmentalists criticized over Steens Mt.

April 26, 2012 --

The Oregonian featured a critical article entitled How environmentalists have failed Steens Mountain. Below are some excerpts by a public land historian Alfred Runte that generated looks of attention.  Here are some excerpts.

If Oregon loses Steens Mountain to a wind farm, environmentalists should start by blaming themselves. To be sure, unless Earth’s defenders get back to basics, such losses will only mount.

Emerging in the 1960s, the environmental movement taught limits, especially the limits of technology. There is no such thing as a technological fix. And suddenly, environmentalists are the ones looking for the fix. Nationwide, most have embraced green energy as if limits on those technologies do not (as in, should not) apply.

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OSU Study: Gas prices triggered 2007 housing crisis

April 25, 2012 --

JunJie Wu
OSU economist
Oregon State University Extension office

A new study by economists at the University of California, Berkeley, and Oregon State University suggests that the U.S. housing crisis that started in 2007 and eventually led to a worldwide financial crisis was triggered by rapidly rising gas prices.

Economic bubbles have a long history – from the Dutch tulip mania in the 1600s to this latest housing bubble – and many factors can cause them to inflate, the researchers say.

But little is known about what actually triggers a bubble to burst.

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CA adopts ag license plates

April 24, 2012 --

Agriculture-themed license plate to hit the roads
By California farm Bureau

A new, special-interest license plate honoring California food, flower and fiber production has been given the green light. The state Department of Food and Agriculture says backers of the new “ag plates” have submitted enough pledges to proceed with creating the plates. Sales of the “ag plates” will help fund agricultural education and leadership programs. The process to get the license plate approved has taken almost a decade.

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Oregon Ag hits record high sales

April 23, 2012 --

By Oregon Department of Agriculture,

Oregon farmers, ranchers, and fishers enjoyed a record setting year in 2011 according to newly released statistics that show 34 of the state’s 36 counties increasing agricultural sales last year. In general, it appears that agriculture has bounced back much more strongly than other sectors of Oregon’s economy. All regions of the state can claim that 2011 was a better year for agricultural sales.

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Ranchers respond to mandates over animal production

April 22, 2012 --

Lawmakers, Livestock Groups Raise Concerns with Animal Production Mandates
by National Cattlemen Beef Association

Lawmakers and representatives from animal agriculture joined forces to educate nearly 100 people about the deliberate emphasis farmers and ranchers place on caring for the health and well-being of their animals. During a briefing hosted by Congressmen Adrian Smith (R-Neb.) and Joe Courtney (D-Conn.), congressional staff learned about multiple voluntary, producer-led animal care programs and about the concerns farmers and ranchers have with legislation introduced in the House that would mandate strict on-farm production practices.

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