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EPA privacy invasion angers farmers

August 29, 2014 --

American Farm Bureau Federation

The Environmental Protection Agency’s public release of farmers’ and ranchers’ personal information violates basic tenets of federal law, the American Farm Bureau Federation told a Minnesota federal court late Friday.

The EPA surprised the farming and ranching community in early 2013 when it publicly released a massive database of personal information about tens of thousands of livestock and poultry farmers, ranchers and their families in 29 states. The information was distributed to three environmental groups that had filed requests under the Freedom of Information Act. The database included the names of farmers, ranchers and sometimes other family members, home addresses, GPS coordinates, telephone numbers and emails.

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Timber united against Wyden comments

August 27, 2014 --

By American Forest Resource Council

Oregon’s Timber Industry Won’t Be “Isolated” by Sen. Ron Wyden’s Rhetoric

Groups representing Western Oregon’s timber industry today sent a letter to U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, responding to recent comments he has made in relation to legislation he has introduced to dramatically alter management of federal O&C timber lands.

Recently Sen. Wyden has made comments suggesting Oregon’s timber industry and O&C counties need to be “isolated” in how O&C lands would be managed in the future. Sen. Wyden has referred to the industry and counties as “extreme” and seeking a “fantasy” return to historical harvest levels, which the groups say is completely untrue.

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Ag missing from state export growth

August 25, 2014 --

By Josh Lehner
Oregon Office of Economic Analysis Blog

Following a slowdown in that extended from the summer of 2012 through fall 2013, Oregon exports are now growing again. In dollar value, Oregon’s exports in the past 12 months are now just 2.5 percent below their all-time peak reached back in the summer of 2008 and are currently at a post-Great Recession high. [Data through May 2014 shows exports just 0.9 percent below peak levels on a 12 month sum basis.]


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Farmers drawn into fish fiasco

August 22, 2014 --

National Corn Grower’s Association

With only one percent of the population still farming, it can seem politically expedient to propose faux-fixes to odd or unique problems that impact the farming minority.  The Washington Post joined in the fracas with a piece on intersex fish. The story, heavy with aqua-explicit imagery and short on hard numbers, noted several sources of possible chemical contributors but failed to suggest any fix larger than moving piles of poo.

Polishing that strategy into a gem that makes the masses feel better without taking responsibility for the role they may play makes something akin to shinola.

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Oregon leads nation in farm direct sales

August 20, 2014 --

By Oregon Department of Agriculture,

Oregon farmers cut out the middle man

Latest statistics show Oregon among national leaders in farm direct sales & CSAs

Whether it is selling at farmers’ markets and roadside stands or marketing through community supported agriculture (CSAs), Oregon producers are more likely than their counterparts in other states to cut out the middle man. The latest Census of Agriculture shows Oregon farmers and ranchers are among the nation’s leaders in farm direct marketing.

“With farmers’ markets now in full swing, roadside stands and u-pick operations springing up, and CSAs ready to provide fresh and local produce, it’s abundantly clear that consumers have a direct pipeline to what is being produced on Oregon farms,” says Katy Coba, director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture. “That’s exciting and good for both the grower and the consumer.”

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OSU: Genome could unlock potential for paper, fuel

August 18, 2014 --

Eucalyptus logsBy Oregon State University Extension  Office
(Photo by Steve Strauss.)

Genome could unlock eucalyptus potential for paper, fuel and fiber

In a collaboration spanning five continents, scientists have announced the complete sequencing of one of the world’s most widely planted trees, Eucalyptus grandis.

Used for fuel and timber, the species is valued for fast growth and straight grain. Grown usually as a hybrid, it is one of more than 500 species of eucalyptus trees and shrubs that provide a renewable source of fiber, pulp, biofuel material, and medicinal and industrial oils. The accomplishment was published today in the scientific journal Nature.

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EPA hijacks Water Act to expand its power

August 15, 2014 --

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

– Proposed Water Rule will Throw 80,000 Missouri Stream Miles Under Regulatory Bus

States could be facing upwards of 100,000 added regulated stream miles as a result of the “Waters of the United States” rule proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Army Corps of Engineers (Corps). While the agencies continue to claim their proposal does not expand the scope of the Clean Water Act, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), Missouri Cattlemen’s Association and Missouri Farm Bureau showcased new interactive maps today, Aug. 14, 2014, at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, Mo., that illustrate how the proposal will impact property owners throughout the country.

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State: No evidence pesticide caused bee death

August 13, 2014 --

By Daily Digger
Oregon Association of Nurseries

State officials find no evidence linking dead bees to pesticides

A laboratory analysis of dead honeybee samples taken from hives in Clackamas County this summer showed no detection of pesticides, according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Officials said that other factors are likely to be responsible for the death of thousands of bees from colonies owned by four local beekeepers.

In addition, Oregon State University examined bee samples from Clackamas County for pests and disease. The analysis found average levels of bee mites and nosema disease, but did not find any evidence that explains the deaths.

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Recovery arrives…leaves out rural towns

August 11, 2014 --

Rick Sohn
Umqua Coquille LLC

Timber Industry Report July 31, 2014

Lumber is holding, Log Prices are surprisingly strong, and mortgage rates are dropping slowly. Home value increases are healthy and analyzed below. Statistics from recent years for lumber manufacturing, home construction, and housing markets are compared to 2005.


Interpretation and Looking Ahead.

Lumber prices are more or less holding, which is fortunate, given the continued unremarkable housing starts and building permits. Demand is not showing an upward trajectory from new construction at this time.

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EPA power grab: Everywhere water flows

August 8, 2014 --

American Farm Bureau Federation
By Don Parrish

The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to expand the scope of “navigable waters” subject to Clean Water Act jurisdiction was drafted, according to the agency, to reduce uncertainty. And that it does. It’s very clear the proposed rule is designed to allow the federal government to regulate every place water flows when it rains, including small and remote “waters” and ephemeral drains and ditches.

We all know that water flows downhill and that at some point some of that water eventually finds its way into a creek, stream or river. Yet, based on nothing more than the flow of rainwater along a natural pathway across the land, the EPA wants to call vast areas of otherwise dry land “tributaries” and therefore “navigable waters.”

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