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FSC Sues U.S. Government for helping AFF and Family Woodland Owners

October 31, 2008 --

From Oregon Small Woodlands Association,
Woodlander Update,

SEATTLE, Washington — A coalition of conservation organizations filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the Bush administration alleging that federal officials diverted $350 million from the public treasury to forestry foundations “dominated by the timber industry.”

The suit alleges that the administration violated federal appropriations law when, in September 2006, without any public process or congressional approval, the administration steered $350 million from Canadian lawsuit settlement funds to the foundations.

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Dozen gypsy moths detected in Oregon (08). Why that’s good.

October 30, 2008 --

[Oregon Dept. of Agriculture Release] Gypsy moth trapping in Oregon has officially ended for 2008 with a final tally of 12 gypsy moths detected statewide- the same number of catches as last year. A majority of detections have taken place in a residential area of Eugene, which could lead to a proposed project next spring to eradicate the plant-eating invasive insect.  Officials are generally pleased with the results considering what it was like in the mid-1980s when some 19,000 gypsy moths were trapped in Lane County alone.

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Illegal Logging Conundrum

October 29, 2008 --

From American Forest Research Council
AFRC Newsletter, 10/21/08,

Everyone agrees that we want to prevent illegal logging and have checks and balances in place to assure that no illegally harvested and/or processed wood makes its way into our country. With the enactment of the 2008 Farm Bill, the Lacey Act was amended for the purpose of combating illegal logging and expanding the Lacey Act’s anti-trafficking protections to a broader set of plants and plant products. The idea was to halt environmental damage from illegal timber harvests in places such as the Amazon and Congo Basin, while protecting U.S. manufacturers from cheaper foreign wood imports.

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OFS Paulette Pyle is back in Oregon. Recuperating.

October 28, 2008 --

A special update from Sandi Schukar, Oregonians for Food and Shelter.

The news about Paulette.  She’s home, and darned happy to be there.  They couldn’t get a flight out of Vienna until Tuesday, so they arrived at PDX Tuesday night.  Both she and Ken were exhausted from a long day of travelling, so they spent the night with Ken’s brother who lives in the Portland area.  Within an hour of leaving there on Wednesday morning, Paulette was on her cell phone checking in with all of her political cronies and completely up to speed on the election races and polling.  Did we expect anything less from her?

In all seriousness, she is SO happy to be home and thanks all of you for your cards, well wishes and prayers.  She saw her doctor yesterday.  He wants her doing NOTHING until at least the first part of December.  She didn’t like what he had to say, but will be a good patient and follow doctors’ orders.

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Oregon Companies Team Up to Invest in Energy Efficiency

October 27, 2008 --


PORTLAND, Ore. –– Umpqua Bank, a subsidiary of Umpqua Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: UMPQ), and Energy Trust of Oregon Inc., an independent nonprofit organization, are joining forces to help Oregonians invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy as energy prices continue to rise.


The two organizations are working together to offer GreenStreet Lending, affordable loan products that make it possible for consumers and businesses to make energysaving improvements and harness solar power in their homes and businesses.

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Bridge crew receives medal for rescuing State Inspector

October 24, 2008 --

Oregon Department of Forestry Press Release: A little over a year ago, a bridge-building crew working in a remote area of the Clatsop State Forest rescued a state inspector, and next week they will be awarded a medal.  Steve Godwin, Dwain Farner, Ron Billings and Larry Boettcher of Vinson Brothers Construction will receive the “Civilian Service Medal” Oct. 10 at the Oregon EMS Conference in Bend. The award recognizes a civilian who provides extraordinary service during the course of an EMS emergency.

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DLCD starts Measure 49 claims – progress is slow

October 23, 2008 --

By Oregonians In Action Education Center, Looking Forward,

Remember the Measure 49 campaign?  Those trying to pass the measure made some very interesting promises.  Here’s a sample of some of the arguments that Measure 49 supporters put in the Voters’ Pamphlet:

— “Measure 49 protects the property rights of small individual landowners by immediately allowing them up to 3 houses on their property, if the law allowed it when they bought their land.”

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Great taste of Oregon attracts frozen fruit tech company

October 22, 2008 --

From Oregon Dept. of Agriculture,

Oregon’s berry industry gets a boost from “Froozer” — A Florida company with a new frozen treat product ready to unveil in the next few weeks has come all the way to Oregon for great tasting ingredients. Froozer- the product created by Cool Frootz, LLC- is giving local growers credit for what is used in some of its recipes by clearly stating on the product label, “Made with Oregon Berries.”

Oregon’s strawberry industry, in particular, is thrilled with the Froozer partnership. For a commodity in need of more visibility, the “state-of-origin” labeling is a big boost.

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Nursery industry strategies for surviving a poor economy

October 21, 2008 --

From Oregon Association of Nurseries,

With the markets in turmoil, nursery industry consultant Don Richards wrote in to share the following suggestions for nursery operators hoping to survive the current economy. We at the Oregon Association of Nurseries believe these are sound suggestions, and so without further ado, we wanted to share them:

1. Operate on your own money. Try not to use lines of credit or credit cards beyond the minimum required to keep operating. Use them some to maintain activity, but not to cash flow.

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New Regulations for Harvesting Chinook Salmon

October 20, 2008 --

Submitted by: Gienie Assink

A new bi-state fisheries advisory group met  in Portland this last week to develop recommendations on a catch-sharing plan for sport and commercial fisheries on the lower Columbia River.

Created by fish and wildlife commissions in Washington and Oregon, the group met Wednesday October 15, 2008 at the Oregon Institute of Technology.

The first objective was to develop and recommend a new plan for allocating harvest opportunities for spring and summer Chinook salmon between sport and commercial fisheries.

The advisory group will have recommendations ready by mid-November, before the final vote by the full commissions of both states in December.

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