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Livestock industry applauds Endangered Species Act Initiative

June 30, 2017 --

Livestock Industry Supports Western Governors Association

Via National Cattlemen’s Association 

Dave Eliason, Utah rancher and president of the Public Lands Council (PLC), and Craig Uden, Nebraska cattle producer and president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), issued the following statements regarding the recommendations stemming from the Western Governors Association Species Conservation and Endangered Species Act Initiative:

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Oregon Cattlemen to take on Endangered Species Act

June 28, 2017 --


Oregon Cattelmen’s Association Feature from Pacific Legal Foundation

On behalf of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, PLF sent a 60-day notice of our intent to sue the Service for failing to reach a final determination on its February 2014 proposal to remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List. The Endangered Species Act requires the Service to issue a final rule on a proposed change in protection status within one year. The Service is now over two years late meeting that obligation.

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Congress needs to protect Renewable Fuel law

June 27, 2017 --

Jim Harris
Retired Wheat Grower

Please stand with me and ask our Oregon representatives in Washington, D.C. to protect the partnership between fuel and agricultural by preserving the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) as is, without changes.

With so many policies up for debate in Washington DC, it’s easy to miss important ones that impact the agricultural industry. One of the efforts now underway is designed to undermine the RFS. These modifications could have significant effects on the ethanol industry, U.S. agriculture, and our ability to remain economically competitive as a nation.

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NW Congressional members seek preservation of local ecosystem

June 26, 2017 --


Defending the Pacific Northwest from Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species: Northwest Members of Congress Seek Protection of Columbia River Ecosystem, Hydropower Infrastructure

Via Congressman Kurt Schrader

Members of Congress from Oregon, Washington, and Idaho sent a letter to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke requesting assistance to combat the spread of an invasive species of mussels that threatens the Columbia River system, fisheries, and hydropower infrastructure.

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Opportunity for U.S. – Cuban .agricultural growth

June 23, 2017 --

Farmers Urge Caution on Cuba Policy

Via Farm Bureau 

Importing $2 billion worth of food each year, Cuba represents the kind of growth opportunity U.S. farmers and ranchers need during this challenging economic period, American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall said recently as he encouraged the administration to tread lightly in making new rules for doing business with Cuba that would limit U.S. agricultural export opportunities.

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Congressman Walden: Improving infrastructure & environmental laws for Oregon

June 21, 2017 --

Greg Walden helps advance pivotal legislation to improve environmental laws, modernize energy infrastructure for Oregon

Via Congressman Greg Walden

Energy and Commerce Committee passes two bills to authorize Brownfields Program and better manage nuclear waste

Rep. Greg Walden (R-Hood River), Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, today helped advance pivotal legislation to improve environmental laws and modernize energy infrastructure for Oregon. Walden’s committee passed two bills to authorize the Brownfields Program and better manage nuclear waste, both of which Walden says are especially important in Oregon.

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Oregon milk sales steady as production grows

June 19, 2017 --

Dairy Production Grows as Dairy Prices Stabilize in 2017

Oregon Workforce and Economic Information 
Oregon dairy products are recognized worldwide for their high quality and employment is growing as a result. Dairy farms in Oregon were historically small, often employing a family and a few other individuals, but recent trends show dairy farms are getting bigger. Their primary product is milk, the official beverage of the state of Oregon. The milk is sold to dairy manufacturers who then sell the milk and use it to make cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream, and other dairy products.

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Freedom farming

June 16, 2017 --

Free to Farm from Sea to Shining Sea

American Farm Bureau

By Zippy Duvall
You’ll be hard pressed to find folks with more patriotic spirit than America’s farmers and ranchers. We love this country and take great pride in working around the clock to grow the finest products in the world. From sea to shining sea, farmers know firsthand the beauty of our nation’s prairies, forests, valleys and plains, because that’s where our “offices” are. For many of us, our families have been farming and ranching in our communities for decades—and even centuries—long before housing developments began to spring up. A good day in American agriculture brings millions of jobs and nutritious meals to our nation.

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Benzopyrene exposure genetically altering descendent fish

June 14, 2017 --

Defects linked to benzopyrene exposure passed down generationally in zebrafish

Oregon State Extension Service

By Chris Branum


Zebrafish whose parents and grandparents were exposed to benzopyrene, a chemical associated with air pollution, suffer several physical and behavioral deficits, even though the descendant fish were not themselves exposed.

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Last minute proposals for 2017 Session

June 12, 2017 --

Oregonians For Food And Shelter

As the 2017 Session winds towards Sine Die, we’re finally seeing some concrete proposals on transportation, tax increases and cost savings. These were the three major issues that the Governor and legislative leaders pointed to at the beginning of the Session, but until this week, there has been very few bills actually addressing them.

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