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OR, CA & WA release Action Plan for Ocean Health

July 30, 2008 --

Governor Kulongoski Press: On July 29, 2008, the states of Oregon, Washington and California released the Action Plan for the West Coast Governors’ Agreement on Ocean Health, a collaboration to address critical ocean and coastal protection and management issues. The action plan is the result of the three states working side-by-side to identify regional problems and develop a comprehensive plan to solve them.   See plan here.

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Recipes needed for Oregon Agricultural Heritage Cookbook

July 28, 2008 --

The Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation is collecting recipes for a heritage cookbook to honor the 50th anniversary of the Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program and Oregon’s sesquicentennial celebration.  According to OAEF Development Director Janice Reed, “The cookbook will be an offering to Oregon’s farm and ranch families, and to all Oregonians. Agriculture has never been more important to the state’s future. Our agricultural heritage and the families that represent that heritage are also our part of that future.”

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Oregon Wheat Commission Assessment Rate Increase

July 24, 2008 --

From Oregon Wheat Grower’s League,

Oregon Wheat Newsletter, 7/15/2008

On June 30, 2008 the Oregon Wheat Commission met and adopted an assessment rate increase from $0.03 to $0.05 effective July 1, 2008.  The Wheat Industry Task Force presented their recommendations to both the Commission and the Oregon Wheat Growers League on May 6, 2008. One of their recommendations was to increase the assessment to 1 percent of final settlement or net receipts. The Commission felt this was too much of an increase and voted to request an increase of ¾ of 1 percent. Commission policy requires all rate increase proposals be taken to the growers for input before any decision can be made by the board. In an effort to collect grower input, listening sessions were held in several counties throughout the state offering growers an opportunity to provide input in person in addition to the opportunity to submit comments in writing.

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Review of the Special Session

July 23, 2008 --

From Oregonians In Action Education Center,
Looking Forward Magazine May 2008,

Despite the questionable legality of the 2008 emergency special session of the Oregon legislature, Oregonians In Action successfully lobbied the legislature to pass three important land use bills. After the way the legislature handled the Measure 49 and gerrymandered the ballot title, we were pretty nervous that we’d have another fight to protect property owners in the special session.  Fortunately, we were pleasantly surprised.

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Climate change laws and their impact on Oregon

July 21, 2008 --

By Jim Welsh, Oregon Beef Producer Magazine

Oregon Cattlemen Association,
The race for Alternative Energy and the race for legislative responses to Global Warming (politically correct term: Climate Change) are headed for an uncertain finish line.  The finish line could mean an end to the race or an end to our great economy with economic changes that may be and may not be beneficial in the short term or long term.  Each issue, in and of itself, has the ability to create a very significant economic effect if government intervenes or if they just sits on their hands. 

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Students Awarded Oregon Farm Bureau Memorial Scholarships

July 18, 2008 --

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From Oregon Farm Bureau,

15 Students Awarded Oregon Farm Bureau Memorial Scholarships for 2008-09

Academic Year.  The Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation (OAEF) is pleased to announce the following fifteen (15) recipients of the Oregon Farm Bureau Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship program is open to any Oregon high school graduate preparing for an agriculture or forestry-related career. Students attending institutions outside of Oregon are also eligible. The goal of the OFB Memorial Scholarship is to “Support students that would have a positive impact on production agriculture and other agricultural-related fields.”

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OSWA develops fire policy, calls for action by members.

July 15, 2008 --

From Oregon Small Woodlands Association,
Governmental Action Committee, Woodlander Update 7/08

In response to our members growing concerns, the Governmental Action Committee has drafted an OSWA Fire Policy. OSWA is seeking members feedback before a final recommendation to the Executive Committee in August. Please send your comments by letter or email.

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A New Day is Dawning in Public Lands Environmental Law

July 14, 2008 --

By Scott Horngren, a Portland attorney with Haglund Kelley Horngren Jones & Wilder, American Forest Resource Council’s attorney, represented Boundary County, ID and other intervenors in the case has authored this overview of the court’s decision.

The Ninth Circuit in a landmark en banc unanimous decision of 11 judges in The Lands Council v. McNair, No. 07-35000, has given hope to those who want to end the judicial gridlock over implementation of forest health and fuel reduction projects on western National Forests.

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Study: Economic pain for Oregon if federal immigration regulations are implemented

July 10, 2008 --

From Coalition for a Working Oregon,

Federal “No Match” Rule could disrupt the Oregon economy and eliminate jobs within the state’s most critical industries

CORVALLIS, OREGON – The Coalition for a Working Oregon (CWO) released a study today that predicts significant reductions in economic output and job loss in the state if the federal “No Match” rule is implemented. The study, conducted by William Jaeger, Ph. D., Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at Oregon State University, is entitled Potential Economic Impacts in Oregon of Implementing Proposed Department of Homeland Security “No Match” Immigration Rules. The report details possible economic consequences in Oregon of the proposed “No Match” rule, a federal regulation designed to identify and eliminate undocumented workers in the U.S. workforce.

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Kroger-Fred Meyer issues beef recall over Michigan, Ohio illness.

July 9, 2008 --


CINCINNATI, Ohio, July 1, 2008 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture has informed The Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR) that Nebraska Beef, based in Omaha, Neb., has been identified as the supplier of ground beef products linked to E. coli illnesses in Michigan and central and northern Ohio. The illnesses were reported between May 31 and June 8. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have not reported any additional illnesses related to this outbreak.

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