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Big Look Task Force Bill Moves for Floor Vote

April 30, 2009 --

Dave Hunnicutt,
Oregonians In Action

The Oregon House Land Use Committee voted unanimously to send House Bill 2229A to the floor of the Oregon House of Representatives with a do-pass recommendation.  The bill will now be voted on by the House of Representatives, where it should pass easily.  HB 2229A is the product of the Big Look Task Force, the 10 member committee created in 2005 by the Governor, Speaker of the Oregon House, and President of the Oregon Senate.  Over the span of nearly 3 years, the Task Force met, received public testimony, and heard from people across the state about the many needed changes to our state’s land use system.  In response, the Task Force produced HB 2229.

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Oregonians for Food and Shelter Capitol Update

April 29, 2009 --

Oregonians For Food and Shelter
Legislative Update 4/24

SB 637 –  Amendments to this bill are now up to the dash-6 version.   Hopefully this will be the last and the bill can finally move out of committee work session.   It appears that should happen in the Senate Education and General Government Committee on Monday, April 27.    With almost all of OFS’s significant concerns dealt with, we will support the dash-6 amended version.    The following are the latest OFS comments on the bill:

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Greg Walden issues challenge to AL Gore. Visit Oregon

April 28, 2009 --

Greg Walden to Al Gore: Come out to Oregon and see the condition of the forests
By Oregon Congressman Greg Walden
Press Release, 4/23/09

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What the Obama administration means for Oregon timber

April 27, 2009 --

By Sean Smith,
Vice President, Starfire Lumber Co.

So far the Obama Administration’s plans for the federal forests of the West are the subject of much speculation and conjecture, but little that is concrete.  The list of political appointees the Administration has posted to the major federal agencies holding sway over our forests–the Forest Service (Agriculture), BLM (Interior), Fish & Wildlife Service and NOAA Fisheries–has consisted so far of mostly moderates and career technocrat types.  These folks aren’t overtly activist or even necessarily all that political.

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FDA to Implement Feed Ban Despite Public Objections

April 26, 2009 --

Weekend National News Focus:

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association:  WASHINGTON (Apr. 22, 2008) – The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) criticized a decision by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to proceed with implementation of a new feed ban on April 27, 2009, despite numerous objections from farmers, ranchers, states, and members of Congress.“This decision is extremely disappointing,” says Dr. Elizabeth Parker, Chief Veterinarian for NCBA. “By going ahead with implementation of this unnecessary ban, the FDA is ignoring the substantial costs and environmental burdens it imposes on America’s cattle producers.”

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American Farm Bureau Federation on EPA Finding on Greenhouse Gases

April 25, 2009 --

Weekend National News Focus:

American Farm Bureau Federation:  WASHINGTON, D.C., April 17, 2009 – “The American Farm Bureau Federation is deeply concerned about the impact of the Environmental Protection Agency’s finding on greenhouse gas emissions, released today. The agency’s announcement could lead to harmful consequences with the government overextending its arm into every facet of the economy, including the agriculture industry.

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Congressmen Schrader and DeFazio Fight for Oregon Fishers

April 24, 2009 --

By Congressman Peter DeFazio and Kurt Schrader

Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-05) and Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-04) led the Oregon Democratic congressional delegation today in sending a letter to Secretary of Commerce, Gary Locke, urging him to provide an extension of the 2008 salmon disaster so that the unspent $50 million from last year’s appropriation can be distributed expeditiously.  The request comes on the heels of the recommendation on Wednesday by the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) to close the commercial salmon fishery in California and Oregon south of Cape Falcon again this year.

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Timber Industry Report 4/21/09

April 23, 2009 --

By Rick Sohn,

Housing  starts and permits have fallen back again.   See the 3-year price comparisons for lumber, logs, housing starts, permits, and unsold home inventories below.  A profile of Keller Lumber Company, a Roseburg cedar mill, follows.

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Cattlemen Legislative Update 4/22

April 22, 2009 --

OCA 2009 Legislation: What’s Happening?
By Oregon Cattlemen Association

The legislation (HB 3417), to help reduce the cost of doing business for the Department of Agricultures Brand Division and alleviate near future increases for brand inspection, and increased costs to cattle producers, will be heard on April 23.  If there is no opposition or further amendment requirements the bill should get a majority vote in work session and moved to the floor, hopefully, with a do-pass recommendation.  The Brand Department indicated that the most time spent collecting livestock and indentifying owners was for cattle, goats and sheep, respectively.  OCA has communicated with the Oregon Dairy Farmers Association (ODFA), Oregon Farm Bureau (OFB) and Oregon Sheep Growers Association (OSGA), and to this point in time there hasn’t been any opposition or amendment requirements.

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Comments sought for carbaryl, carbofuran or methomyl users

April 21, 2009 --

Terry L. Witt,  Executive Director
Oregonians for Food & Shelter,

We are now at the next juncture in a series of legal steps set in motion by the Washington Toxics Coalition lawsuit against EPA for failing to consult with the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) over the potential for pesticides to affect endangered salmon.

NMFS has issued a DRAFT Biological Opinion (BiOp) on the possible effects of carbaryl, carbofuran and methomyl on endangered salmon.  They concluded that use of these compounds is likely to jeopardize endangered salmon in the Pacific Northwest.  As part of the BiOp, NMFS must propose reasonable and prudent alternatives (RPAs) and develop a draft incidental take statement that includes reasonable and prudent measures (RPMs).

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